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iCRM is a premier knowledge company that provides a spectrum of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services from strategy through implementation.

We are committed to helping organizations become more productive and profitable through effective and efficient relationship strategies, programs and processes.

Our clients benefit from tailored solutions grounded in an integration of expert marketing and CRM strategies, insightful research, innovative technologies, productive customer operations, and employee skill development.

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iCRM is committed to continuously advancing the knowledge, practice, and broader understanding of customer relationship management.


Leverage the expertise of our experienced CRM consultants to help you create winning strategies, programs, processes and systems.

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Full-service digital agency that combines creative expertise with technical skillsets to power through today’s fast-paced digital world.

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iCRM technology solutions are designed to leverage strategies, programs, processes and people-- while complementing your existing IT infrastructure.

Global Research Forum

In the Global Customer Management Research (GCM) Forum, participating organizations have the opportunity to learn about various customer and account management practices, and in so doing, discover the most compelling opportunities, trends and solutions available to successful, global organizations today.

Many leading organizations have recently adopted global customer /account management (GCM/GAM) programs but most organizations are still struggling to make these programs effective.

Standardization and integration of business functions across national boundaries is becoming common due to cross-border consolidation and increasing globalization of markets and customers. It is, therefore, not unusual for large global enterprises to insist that their suppliers implement global customer management processes and systems.

With at least 20% to 30% of revenues being generated by a few, highly demanding global customers, successful organizations in the near future will create effective GCM/GAM programs that drive long-term growth and profitability.

To help your organization succeed and create long-term growth and profitability through your GCM program, participate in the Research Forum on Global Customer Management. The forum is sponsored by the Center for Business and Industrial Marketing (CBIM) and the Institute for Customer Relationship Management (iCRM). The forum helps executives assess, categorize and measure best practices in global customer management from successful practitioners and leading researchers on this topic.

View the list of project leaders and their credentials.

Wise investments, smart returns. Learn not only how to invest, but also how much to invest in GCM activities that will return long-term growth and profitability.

Because the research team is trained to use collaboration as a valuable information-gathering tool, participants will gain the insight they need for enacting large-scale change and create a market phenomenon.

Innovative ideas, keen observations and sage advice will be shared with member organizations so that they may create and manage a successful GCM program.

Learn how you can gather tangible market knowledge about GCM domains of activity, including:

  • Global account selection strategies
  • GCM program offerings
  • Obtaining executive sponsorship and support of country managers
  • Management and governance of global customer teams
  • Virtual team structure and role specification
  • Intra and Inter team communications
  • Compensation and training of GCM team members
  • Program performance metrics and benchmarks
  • Evolution, enhancement and termination of GCM programs

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DR. Atul Parvatiyar
Founder & CEO
DR. Naveen Donthu
Vice President Global Research
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Director of Research
Bala Subramaniam
President, iCRM
Brad Kesel
Vice President Consulting
Subhamoy Ghosh
Chief Technology Officer
Gautam Mukerji
Director Business Development
Ramesh Babu
Project Manager
Anita Nanra
HR Manager

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